Dog walking service

How many time/KM are the group walks?

The walks last between 45 minutes and one hour* depending on several factors (weather, the needs of the dog).

* All walks are timed and tracked by GPS with the runmeter application.


Where are the dog walks? 

The walks are offered in St-Lambert, Greenfield park, Longueuil, Boucherville and Brossard.

Your city is not mentioned here? Send us your postal code and we will do our best to serve you!

When are the dog walks?

From Monday to Friday, legal holidays excepted, all year round.

You decide the number of days per week.

How are the dog walks?

We do all the work! We come to your residence, pick up the dogs with in a custom transport, walk them as a group, and return them safely back home.


Why group walks?

We simply want to help owners respect their dogs' fundamental needs. Because no matter the size, age or breed, all dogs require daily physical and mental exercise as well as social interaction with other members of their species. Unfortunately, most dogs have unfulfilled personal developments due to their owners’ busy lifestyles and work schedules. These situations are understandable, and we can assist you. 

Thanks to group walks, your dog needs are fulfilled on all levels:

1) Your dog’s most primal needs of security is fulfilled by the energy of the packleader which guides your dog, putting him or her in a confident state so that he or she feels protected and safe. The right energy we are looking for is a feeling of calm and love. The dog has to know he or she is in good hands. 

Your dog's primal food need is fulfilled strategically by use of rewards. Healthy food rewards motivate your dog and rouse him or her into adopting desired actions. Walking exercises thus contribute to preventing, to diminishing, and or even eliminating a variety of behavioural problems.

2) Your dog's biological need of walking is fulfilled by our vigorous walking program. Crucially, exercise also works towards increasing canine life expectancy and maintaining optimal health. 

Your dog's instinctual canine need for setting and accomplishing work objectives is fulfilled by the mental challenge of the heel walk. By following the pack and respecting the rules, your dog achieves a feeling of personal success.

3) Your dog's social need is fulfilled by being with other dogs and meeting other living outside creatures (humans, dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.)

Your dog's playtime need is fulfilled by interacting with these other dogs in a safe and controlled setting.

Finally, your dog's intellectual needs are fulfilled by stimulating your dog’s concentration, showing him or her tricks and teaching him or her to follow the rules. 

We care about environment, all our poop bags are biodegradable. (Earthrated)  

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