Émilie rivard

Émilie has always been passionate about animals and particularly dogs. She completed a college degree in Bioecology at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal. She attended an intensive workshop at Wolfpark* in Indiana, USA, where the focus was on the study of canine behaviour and she also went to Mahikan Park (Aventuraid)** in Lac St-Jean for the same goal. She attended a complete workshop worldwide reknown: Dog Walking Academy given by Dog*tec specifically for professional dog walker. She also attended a workshop on animal communication by Caroline Leroux, on vibrational medecine as well as on canine massage and was teached by the internationally behaviorist renowed vet, Dr. Joël Dehasse***, to be a comportementalist coach. She was also teached techniques by the very experienced renowed trainer Ken Ramirez. Émilie studied many theories from the most renown specialists like Turid Rugass, Dr. Sophia Yin, Jacinthe Bouchard and many more. Because Émilie always wants to learn more and because science never stops its evolution, she is continuously seeking knowledge and techniques to improve her skills. 

* Wolfpark, Indiana

** Parc Mahikan, Base Aventuraid

*** With Dr. Joël Dehasse

Émilie has an abundance of experience working with animals. As an adolescent, she spent most of her spare time helping the owner of a nearby pet shop. She gained her first experience with dogs at the shop, assisting with boarding and grooming. She has also worked with the Veterinary Hospital of Saint-Laurent and obtained expert knowledge and invaluable training pertaining to canine behaviour working with an other dog walker. Of course, she also learned a lot with her own company, ChienSourire! Émilie is a dog walker since spring 2010.

isabelle drolet

Isabelle is also passionate about dog world and is involve with them since already many years. Isabelle and Émilie attended several canine workshops together with different teacher such as Ken Ramirez, Zuzanna Kubica, Gaby Dufresnes and Joël Dehasse. Isabelle is also a comportementalist coach. She also never stops her education. Isabelle is also volunteer at the Montreal SPCA since 2011 and she is now the trainer for the SPCA walkers who handle the behaviour problem. She also contributes to the enrichment program to entertain, socialize and make the lovely dogs discover new things.    

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