Saying: "I don't have time to train my dog today, or this week." Is the same thing saying: "I don't have time to feed my dog today, or this week."

Ken Ramirez

ChienSourire is a team of DOG SPECIALISTS. We read behaviour and offer many different kinds of services to help your dog optimal quality of life. Happier, healthier, more responsive, and better socialized. We train all breeds of dogs using a positive reinforcement approach.


We proudly offer daily pack walks. It is our most popular service and for the dogs it is one of the most rewarding.

Why are pack walks so successful? Because they offer a range of benefits that promote your dog's psychological wellbeing while also developping good canine physical health.

Rain or shine, we're there with a smile! :)  

Our mission: To bring hapiness, balance, peace of mind and ease to canine life as well as people!

Registered, insured and member of Pet Sitters International 
Pet first aid certified by St. John Ambulance

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